The Accuplacer is a College Board test used by Shawnee Community College to determine a student’s college readiness. Students who are interested in taking dual credit classes at A-J OR who would like to take SCC classes on their own time (Escrow program) must take this test.

The test is comprised of three sections: Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, and Math. It is given on the computer. Students take the test in the spring of their sophomore year by signing up in the Counseling Office.

The scores required for college courses are: Sentence Skills 85+, Reading Comprehension 74+, and Elementary Algebra 80+. Students are able to take the test twice per school year. Those who do not achieve the above scores are unable to get dual credit, and must enroll in remedial classes at SCC.

To study for the Accuplacer, see

For a list of dual credit classes offered at A-J, see the course catalog on the Course Selection page.

For information on the Escrow program at SCC, see Guidance.