College Visits

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit college campuses throughout the school year. College campus visits are beneficial because students get an opportunity to tour campus and housing; meet advisors, faculty, and students; and even sit in on classes. Students who choose to plan private college visits during school hours must complete the appropriate paperwork in the Guidance Office BEFORE the date of the visit, and there is a limit to how many school day visits each student is allowed. Students could also choose to visit campuses on open house dates, which are typically on weekends.

Open House Schedule

 Sept 15, 2018Western Illinois University (WIU)
Sept 29, 2018SIUC *Seniors can apply to SIU for FREE on this day.
 Oct 8, 2018SIUE
 Oct 8, 2018Eastern Illinois University (EIU)
 Oct 8, 2018WIU
 Oct 8, 2018Northern Illinois University (NIU)
Oct 13, 2018SIUC
Oct 13, 2018University of Southern Indiana
 Oct 13, 2018University of Illinois – Springfield (UIS) 
 Oct 13, 2018Governer’s State University (GSU)
 Oct 20, 2018 WIU
 Nov 3, 2018 SIUE
 Nov 3, 2018UIS
Nov 10, 2018 SIUC
Nov 10, 2018University of Southern Indiana
 Nov 12, 2018SIUE
 Nov 12, 2018WIU
 Nov 12, 2018NIU
 Nov 12, 2018EIU
 Nov 17, 2018 GSU
 Jan 19, 2019UIS
Feb 18, 2019SIUC 
 Feb 18, 2019 SIUE
 Feb 18, 2019WIU
 March 2, 2019 UIS
 March 4, 2019 SIUE
March 16, 2019University of Southern Indiana
 March 23, 2019GSU
 March 25, 2019EIU
April 6, 2019University of Southern Indiana
 April 13, 2019WIU
April 19, 2019SIUC
 April 19, 2019NIU
 April 24, 2019GSU
 April 27, 2019 UIS
 June 24, 2019 SIUE
 June 24, 2019EIU
 July 26, 2019SIUC