Recruiter Information

Please find below a list of our local recruiters and their contact information.

ArmySSG Sean R.
Office: 618-457-8812
Cell: 618-316-3330
Office: 618-529-1013
Cell: 618-302-1170
MarinesSGT Donovan J
Office: 618-529-2344
Cell: 314-853-3759
SIUC Army ROTCMr. Shannon P.
Office: 618-453-4984
Cell: 618-530-5792
Illinois National GuardSFC Christopher
Office: 618-457-5908
Cell: 618-972-3112
Air National GuardSSgt Heather
Office: 618-698-2966
Cell: 618-222-5709
 Coast GuardMKC Christopher Gonzalez
 Office: 314-521-3845
 Cell: 314-683-6678

Branches not listed have not provided us with info. Please see the branch’s website for a contact number.

A variety of recruiters visit over the course of the school year. Check the School Counseling Event Calendar, the school announcements, or ask the Counseling Office about scheduled visits.

Students can do military visits during the school day. To have the absence counted as a college visit day, students must complete the appropriate paperwork in Guidance BEFORE the visit.