A-JCHS School Song

We’re loyal to you, Community High
To the white and the blue, Community High

We’ll back you to stand, against the best in the land,
For we know you have sand, Community High
Rah!  Rah!

*So smash that blockade, Community High
*Go crashing ahead, Community High

Our team is our famed protector
On team for we expect a VICTORY

From you Community High. 
Rah!  Rah!  Rah!

Cha-He, Cha-Ha, Cha-Ha-Ha-Ha A-J, A-J
Cha-He, Cha-Ha, Cha-Ha-Ha-Ha A-J, A-J
A-J, A-J Rah!    Rah!    Rah! 

We’ll take that dear old flag of white and blue
Your loyal sons and daughters fighting for you

Like men of old on giants placing reliance
Shouting defiance     Oskeewawa!

Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land
For honest labor and for learning we stand

For unto thee we pledge our heart and hand
Dear Alma Mater Community High

*During basketball season, these lines change to:

So break out that ball, Community High
We’re backing you all, Community High

Mission Statement

Anna-Jonesboro Community High School District #81 will be a place where learning is promoted by setting high expectations and empowering students through an actively involved community and a quality, adaptable curriculum that incorporates knowledge of technology. Our goal is to create life-long learners by providing a safe environment that values mutual respect.  A-JCHS is committed to directing students on a path of becoming productive, viable citizens in a global society.

Philosophy and Goals

Anna-Jonesboro Community High School seeks to encourage students to participate positively in their education so that they will acquire an integrated knowledge of human accomplishments and processes.  Students of varied backgrounds and abilities will be provided with a supportive and structured environment to enhance their academic, social, physical, and creative growth.

The school community of students, teachers, administrators, support personnel, and school board shall work together with parents and other members of District 81 to achieve these goals:

  • To assist students in developing the study and research skills necessary to lifelong learning in: critical thinking and problem solving; observing, listening, speaking; reading, writing, and  calculating; note-taking, outlining, test-taking and time management; computer literacy
  • To prepare students to further their education at a post-secondary institution appropriate to their interest, talents, and abilities or to acquire employability-proficiency in the basic areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and the sciences as well as related fields such as history, foreign language, social studies, the fine arts, and technology
  • To stimulate students’ maturity and awareness of social, economic, cultural, and ethical points of view so that graduates will participate in the democratic process and community service
  • To help students expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and develop the skills necessary to relate and apply knowledge to solving the problems of daily living
  • To enhance students excitement for learning along with the incentive and motivation to continue the educational process outside of, and the conclusion of, their formal schooling

Social, physical, and creative goals, complementary to the academic goals, include the following:

  • To help develop students’ sense of self-esteem
  • To encourage students to:  develop leadership skills, take calculated risks, strive for success
  • To teach socially acceptable behavior and respect for others
  • To provide a basic knowledge for the rules and regulations governing schools
  • To encourage the pursuit of an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle
  • To develop the ability to enjoy leisure time constructively
  • To promote the understanding of and responsibility for the environment