Course Selection

Students select courses for the next school year during January (grades 9-11) and February (incoming freshmen). Each student in grades 9-11 is provided with his or her transcript. Before selecting courses, I recommend that you review your transcript, check AJ’s graduation requirements, university requirements (if college-bound), and carefully read the course descriptions provided in the Course Catalog (linked below).

Course selection is an extremely important piece of our preparation for the upcoming school year. Not only is it used to create your schedule, but we also use that information to select which classes and how many sections of a class to offer, and to decide what staffing changes are needed. Therefore, we ask that you please do your research and take your course selection seriously.

See the Course Catalog for detailed information on graduation requirements, dual credit classes, what classes you can take, and course descriptions.

Unsure whether you are on-track to graduate or have what you need for college? See Mrs. McLean Miller or Ms. Webb.