Art Club

Art Club Officers

The Art Club is a group of students who appreciate and promote art. The club is open to all students regardless of enrollment in art classes. Some of the activities include but are not limited to working on the spring musical, face-painting at homecoming, and field trips to museums. The art club works with the faculty and the community for the beautification of our school and town. The adviser is Mrs. Vancil.

Mrs. Vancil’s painting class did a collaborative painting of Evard Munch’s “The Scream”. Each student painted one (or two) squares of the piece. Munch painted The Scream after an incident when he was out for a walk at sunset with friends. He saw the sky turn as red as blood and “heard” a scream of nature. There are 4 versions Munch did of the Scream around the years of 1893-1910. One was stolen in 1994 but recovered undamaged. Painted during what is now called the Expressionist Period, The Scream is often interpreted as representing the anxiety of modern man.