Scholar Bowl

Scholar Bowl compete in trivia style competitions. Questions are first presented to teams as “tossups”. Tossups are individual questions that students are given 10 seconds to answer, unless it is computational math, in which case 30 seconds are given to answer. The student must buzz in to answer the question, giving that student an additional 3 seconds. If the student answers correctly, this wins 10 points for the team. If not, the other team has a chance to buzz in and rebound the question. The team that gets the tossup is given a set of three bonus questions. Each are worth 10 points. These can be worked together as a team and have a ten second period to answer. If the first team does not get them then the 2nd team has a chance to rebound. Conference matches are usually played in rounds of 20 questions, while IHSA matches are played in rounds of 24 questions.