Semester Exam Information & Schedules


  • Students who meet the following requirements in any class are exempt from taking the semester exam for that class
  • No unexcused absences
  • Grade of 60% or Higher
  • No In-School Suspension (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OSS)
  • No financial obligations


  • Students who are required to take semester exams will do so in their current learning format. In-person learners will take their exams at school; remote learners will take their exams at home.
  • All exams will be taken during their class period on the schedule that is listed above. Remote Learners will only be allowed to take their exam during the time listed and will need to make any necessary arrangements to take their exam at the assigned time.
  • All exams are to be confined to this schedule.  All classes must remain in session for the entire period.  Teachers are NOT allowed to let students leave early.
  • Only students with excused absences (illness and extreme emergencies) will be permitted to make up exams.  
  • If there is a legitimate reason that a student cannot take an exam as scheduled, the student’s parents must contact the principal’s office in advance of the absence and arrange an approved alternate exam schedule.  Failure to take final examinations will result in no credit given for the course.
  • Busses will run at normal times on Thursday.  On, Friday, Anna busses will run at 12 pm, while the Lick Creek and Jonesboro busses will run at normal times. Students that ride the Lick Creek or Jonesboro busses will be able to wait in the library until 1:15 for their bus.


  • Remote Learners – Remote Learners will have to check in on exam days just like every other school day.
  • In-Person Learners – Teachers will record attendance for In-Person Learners.