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Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Birthday

Taryn Graves, Tyler Jerrell Weekend: Demi Glasco, Olivia Hepburn, Bretty Gawrych, Mandy Mason


Ravioli, broccoli, fruit


Safe Celebration tickets will be on sale until 5/12. You must turn in Permission Form when purchasing your ticket; forms are available through Ms. Maze. To get a Safe Celebration t-shirt, your ticket must be ordered by Friday this week.

Pictures for the Gazette of the Prom King and Queen Candidates will be taken next Thursday at 8:00am. Meet in Mrs. Moser's room.

Prom picture packets are available in the office. 

Guidance Officee.

If you want the guidance to mail the Tamara G. Miller Memorial Nursing Scholarship, please turn in the app to the guidance office by 9:00 am on Friday.

Student Council scholarship is due to MS. MAZE by today.

Don’t forget to check in the Guidance Office for all current scholarship opportunities and application deadlines or go to aj81.net and click on the link Guidance.


Baseball at Mt. Vernon, students dismiss after Convocation.


Convocation Schedule