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3/13/2017 Marion High School-Postponed to 4/15/17 Home 4:30PM  
3/17/2017 Monticello Schools Home 4:30PM W
3/18/2017 Open Date Home TBA  
3/20/2017 Murphysboro High School Home 4:30PM  
3/22/2017 Goreville High school Home 4:30PM L
3/23/2017 Mundelin High school Home 1:00PM  
3/27/2017 Cobden High School Away 4:30PM W
3/28/2017 Herrin High School Away 4:30PM  
3/29/2017 Johnston City High School Home 4:30PM W
3/30/2017 Benton High School Away 4:30PM  
3/31/2017 Plano High School Home 4:30PM L
4/03/2017 Nashville Community High School Home 4:30PM L
4/04/2017 Carterville High School Away 4:30PM  
4/06/2017 Pinckneyville High School Home 4:30PM  
4/07/2017 Vienna High School Away 4:30PM  
4/08/2017 JV Tournament(Kiwanis) Home 10:00AM  
4/10/2017 DuQuoin High School Away 4:30PM W
4/11/2017 Sparta High School Home 4:30PM  
4/12/2017 Cape Girardeau Notre Dame H.S. Home 4:30PM  
4/14/2017 Nashville High School Away 4:30PM L
4/15/2017 Marion Highschool(From 3/13) Home 11:00AM L
4/17/2017 Carterville High School Home 4:30PM  
4/18/2017 Pinckneyville High School Away 4:30PM L
4/20/2017 DuQuoin High School Home 4:30PM C
4/21/2017 Graves Co. Wood Bat Tourn. (AJ vs Fox) Away 5:30PM L
4/22/2017 Graves Co. Wood Bat Tourn. (AJ vs Kenwood) Away 10:00PM
4/24/2017 Sparta High School Away 4:30PM L
4/25/2017 Carbondale High School Away 4:30PM L
4/26/2017 Murphysboro High School Away 4:30PM  
4/28/2017 Mt. Vernon High School Away  4:30PM  
5/01/2017 Frankfort Community High School Away 4:30PM  
5/02/2017 Shawnee High School Home 4:30PM  
5/03/2017 Zeigler-Royalton High School Home 4:30PM  
5/04/2017 Massac County High School Home 4:30PM  
5/05/2017 Century High School Home 4:30PM  
5/06/2017 (Cancelled for Prom) Home 10:00AM  
5/08/2017 Harrisburg High School Home 4:30PM  
5/09/2017 Open Date Open Date 4:30PM  
5/10/2017 Trico High School      
5/11/2017 Herrin High School Home 4:30PM  
5/15/2017 Open Date Open Date    
5/15/2017 IHSA Regional Quarter-Finals IHSA Regional Quarter-Finals TBA  
5/17/2017 IHSA Regional Semi-Finals IHSA Regional Semi-Finals TBA  
5/20/2017 IHSA Regional Finals IHSA Regional Finals TBA  
5/24/2017 IHSA Sectional Semi-Finals IHSA Sectional Semi-Finals TBA  
5/27/2017 IHSA Sectional Finals IHSA Sectional Finals TBA  
5/29/2017 IHSA Super Sectionals IHSA Super Sectionals TBA  
6/02/2017 IHSA State Finals IHSA State Finals TBA